Acne Marks and Acne Scars: What are the DIfferences

Acne Marks and Acne Scars: What are the DIfferences

On the off chance that you as of now experience the ill effects of acne breakouts, or experienced them before, you may have an unwanted skin appearance in a few areas subsequently. Before you look for acne scar medications, it’s critical to comprehend the contrast between acne marks and acne scars. Since each condition requires diverse treatment techniques, you may need to look for expert help to get a recommendation. Here are a portion of the principle differences of acne marks and acne scars.


Acne marks are typically minor flaws or stains in the skin that might possibly leave in a couple of months. They may have been the consequence of acne breakouts in the past that did some harm to the skin, yet insufficient to scar. A good way to help modify acne marks is a Perfect Derma Chemical Peel. A chemical peel utilizes an acid chemical solution to enhance the look of the harmed skin to uncover more brilliant, smoother, and more beneficial looking skin. An accelerator agent used to address acne can likewise be blended into the chemical peel solution to target the current acne on the skin. Chemical peels have extremely minimal downtime with superb outcomes.


Acne scars are commonly more serious, and can require laser scar correction medications. Acne scars are permanent because of collagen harm, and the scars might be thick and marginally raised from the skin. You won’t have the capacity to treat acne scars with over-the-counter medicine or creams, so looking for a facility that specialize in laser skin resurfacing ought to be your initial step in the event that you need to treat them.


(I) Acne marks are level, however darker, so more visible on uncovered skin. While acne scars are indented, however colourless, so not all that noticeable except if you gaze closely at them, have loads of extremely profound scarring or attempt to see them under direct light. Acne mark is to a greater extent a skin colour issue and acne scar is more a skin texture issue.

(ii) As the acne marks are level, in this manner can be disguised with makeups. Be that as it may, you have to try to locate a decent skin colour match. Then again acne scars are visible under direct lighting. It’s difficult to conceal acne scars since it’s hard to discover something that will “fill” them in.

(iii) Acne marks are level red or brown coloured dots deserted by pimples. They will in general give skin an inconsistent, yet level look. Acne marks blur in the long run with time. Be that as it may, they may take very prolonged stretch of time. It’s smarter to have acne marks, additionally called as post-acne hyperpigmentation, than acne scars as they in any event react to medications and vanish gradually.

(iv) Some individuals are increasingly more prone to hyperpigmentation, particularly the individuals who have fair skin. Also, there are a few people who are progressively prone to acne scarring.

In conclusion, view yourself as fortunate if what you have are dark marks on the grounds that with time, they grow dim, but the acne scars never leave 100%.

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