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Acne Treatment in Malaysia

At Dr Abby Clinic, our dermatologists and skincare professionals partner with our patients to create the best and most effective acne treatment that work. Whether you are searching for severe acne treatments or you suffer from the occasional acne breakout, our team can clear your skin and get you on the path to a beautiful complexion.


The TheraClear Acne System is an acne treatment device which address multiple causes of acne in a single treatment and its USFDA cleared for the treatment of multiple acne indications on all skin types.

  • Specific Indications include:
  • Mid to inflammatory acne (acne vulgaris)
  • Pustular acne
  • Comedonal acne
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How does Theraclear acne system work?

TheraClear Acne System is a hand-designed hand piece delivers both light and vacuum.

  • Combines light and vacuum for fast and visible reduction in acne and associated redness.
  • Mechanically evacuates sebum and acne causing bacteria for immediate outcomes.
  • Effective on non-responders to other acne treatments.
  • Requires no pre-treatment gels or anaesthetics
  • 6 – 10 minutes treatments that are painless.

Treatments are fast with little to no pain. The TheraClear Acne System is often used without any of the traditional acne therapies or it can be combined with a variety of treatments. By removing the sebum and lightening the redness, acne lesions flatten and then disappear.

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Best Acne treatment in Malaysia

Acne can have a devastating effect on confidence and self-esteem, driving many sufferers to withdraw socially. What makes it even more painful are the physical and emotional scars left behind. However, the good news is that we can treat most acne, and acne scars as well, with outstanding results. Contact us today and get consultation!