Types of Acne Scars and Best Way to Treat Them

Types of Acne Scars and Best Way to Treat Them

As much as you’d like the chance to overlook your pimpled past, your face recalls in the form of scars. Regardless of whether they’re raised and red, flat, or depressed, acne scars don’t stand a chance against these more current skin-smoothing techniques.

Ice Pick Scars

As the name recommends, ice pick scars are profound acne scars that resemble as if the skin has been punctured with an ice pick. At the point when the body delivers too little collagen in light of damage, depressed scars, for example, ice picks can occur. Ice pick scars speak to the consequence of contaminated sebaceous gland openings on the skin. They are normally the hardest to treat.

Treatment: Treatment include Sublative Ematrix Rejuvenation that utilizes fractional ablative radiofrequency energy, which should be your first choice. Sublative Rejuvenation is a color blind treatment, its non laser based property makes it safe for all skin types even dark Asian skin who are more susceptible to side effects of conventional laser such as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. However , I also do subcision method together with Sublative as ice pick scars are typically adhered and has dense scar tissue at the base of the scar. Subcision involves knicking the base of the scar with a 30G or 27G needle to loosen up the scar tissue, to create space for new fibroblast formation from collagen remodelling effects of Sublative.

Boxed Scars

Boxed scars opr punched out scars are depressed scars that look like volcanic craters , such as chicken pox scars, in general they are more resistant to treatment and boxier than ice picks. Everybody heals in an unexpected way, and boxed scars form when too little collagen is created during wound healing.

Treatment: Energy-based skin resurfacing with radiofrequency such as Sublative Rejuvenation , combined with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid dermal filler can help treat boxed scars, they all work by making new collagen underneath the surface of the skin , in other words, filler works like a scaffold to help raise the skin depression during collagen remodelling process. With both methods, utilizing a retinoid to build cell turnover and further lift collagen can help enhance overall skin smoothing results.

Treatment types Acne Scars

Rolling Scars

Rolling scars have smooth edges and look like minor slopes and valleys.

Treatment: Rolling scars can be treated with Sublative Rejuvenation and microneedling , which creates controlled trauma or and bloody pinpricks in the skin to induce a skin remodelling process in the mid dermis Microneedling is likewise an extraordinary skin acne scar treatment since it opens up channels inside the skin that could make skin healing substances , the healing factors in your very own blood.

Keloid Scars

Keloids are raised scars that can be reddish, particularly in lighter skin. In darker skin, they may seem pinkish.

Treatment: Weekly or monthly injections of steroids can level keloid scars. The scar can also be more refined with microneedling method with the right motorised and safe microneedling gadgets such as EPN microneelding or Dermapen.

The vast majority of people have a combination of acne scars. You can have a few scars that are reddish, others that are pale, and afterward an ice pick scars beside a boxed scar. You can likewise have post inflammatory hyperpigmented scars which are dull reddish spots or discolouration caused by acne related irritation.
Whatever type of scar you have if you need the treatment do not hesitate to contact the clinic for an appointment with me!

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