Understanding the Different Types of Stretch Marks

Understanding the Different Types of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are narrow streaks that are framed on the skin and are obvious from the external part of the skin. Stretch marks happen when there is a sudden stretch of the skin, and they occur in the centre skin layer. Stretch marks are related with obesity, puberty, pregnancy and speedy weight gain. The centre layer of the skin that is known as dermis is overstretched beyond what it can hold. Medical experts refer to stretch marks as Striae.


Striae the normal term for a stretch marks that is utilized by numerous medical personnel. Striae includes all range of stretch marks. At the point when these stretch marks show up, they are typically purple, red or pink in colour. After a while, they blur and swing to a shimmering colour that is less perceptible. Usually, 90% of the ladies are exposed to creating stretch marks. They are less normal in men than in ladies.


Striae atrophica is a typical kind of stretch marks. It is brought about by squandering endlessly of different parts of the skin. The skin contains a protein that is called elastin, which empowers the skin to be adaptable and elastic. When the skin has stretched, it can’t return to its unique structure. This is the thing that causes tears that are referred to as the stretch marks on the skin. Striae atrophica are brought about by speedy weight gain on or quick loss of weight or corticosteroid treatment.


This kind of stretch marks is normal in youngsters who are in adolescence stage. This is on the grounds that the organs or body parts of the adolescent in this section as a rule experience weight fluctuations and fast development spurts. Linear lines known as striae distensae are accordingly framed on the skin on body parts, for example, the stomach, bum, thighs and back. This kind of stretch marks is additionally common in pregnant ladies.


Striae gravidanum is a kind of stretch that is explicit to pregnancy. They are the ordinary striae however their essential driver is pregnancy. They normally show up on thighs, stomach area, and buttocks and at different occasions in the breasts. 90% of the pregnant ladies get striae gravidarum on the third trimester. Hormones that are discharged during pregnancy influence the skin stability, and this makes the skin tear with ease.


Vergetures are like striae however they happen in a specific pattern. They show up in long lines looking like whip lashings. They are because of puberty and pregnancy, and they happen on men’s’ backs. Vergetures have a dark red colour however like other stretch marks, they will in the long run blur.

In conclusion, although stretch marks can’t generally be predicted as they are brought about by some life stages that we as a whole experience, there are a couple of things that one can do to decrease the chance of getting them. They incorporate eating a balanced diet, which contains minerals like silicon, and zinc and vitamins A and C, drinking a great deal of water, checking your weight gain during pregnancy and keep up a healthy weight.

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